Easily comply with GHS/CLP labelling

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Even the smallest GHS/CLP-labels can now quickly be designed and printed at your location for easy compliance with legislation.

CLP Labels application

Small, GHS/CLP-compliant chemical containers

Brady now also offers the smallest GHS/CLP-labels for on-site printing. The labels are white with four preprinted red symbol squares, self-adhesive and measure 25 x 75 mm. With these labels, small chemical containers can be made compliant with Regulation (EC) 1272/2008 on the Classification, Labelling and Packaging of chemicals in the European Union. With the addition of the 25 x 75 mm label, our range of on-site printable GHS/CLP-labels is now complete.

Easy and fully compliant

Complying with GHS/CLP labelling has never been easier with our complete chemical container identification solution:

B30 CLP Label roll
  • Full range of GHS/CLP-labels: all label sizes are available for on-site printing
  • Brady Workstation GHS app: select your chemical by name or CAS-number and the app will populate all required GHS/CLP fields on the label inserted in your Brady Printer.
  • Safety printers: print your GHS/CLP label design with the BradyPrinter S3000, BBP31, BBP35 or BBP37 Sign and Label Printer and apply!
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Durable GHS/CLP-labels

The full range of GHS/CLP labels is made out of durable vinyl film to remain legible when exposed to a wide range of chemicals. The labels also withstand temperatures between -20°C and 75°C and are best applied at a minimum temperature of 10°C. More label material specifications and test methodes are described in the B-7569 Technical Data Sheet available in our technical database.