38 % of European enterprises report potentially dangerous chemical or biological goods in their workplaces according to EU-OSHA. Exposure to these is linked to both acute and long term diseases and injuries, including respiratory and skin diseases, organ failure, occupational cancers, poisoning and suffocation. To decrease the risk of exposure, we propose a number of reliable and highly visible safety identification solutions.

Floor marking dangerous
Floor marking 2
Floor marking 1

Floor marking

Easily identify safe walking routes, obstacles and hazardous areas in the workplace.

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GHS Drum
GHS Lab Venthood
J2000 Lab GHS

GHS/CLP labels

Easily communicate risks associated with dangerous substances to avoid accidents and increase compliance with EU legislation.

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Locked Tagout
Locked Valve
Lockout Tagout app


Brady offers a complete 4 in 1 solution for an optimal Lockout/Tagout implementation, even in multiple sites.

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Piper marker Hydrochloric Acid
Pipe markers Natural Gas
Pipe markers XL Methanol

Pipe markers

Identify what flows through plant pipes to inform coworkers and first responders.

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Safety signs

A simple safety sign can prevent costly workplace accidents if it is clearly visible, draws attention and is easy to understand.

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Spill control 1
Spill control 2
Spill ocntrol 3

Spill Control

Stop spills before they cause workplace accidents.

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