Full and durable track & trace

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Brady offers the scanners, printers, apps and labels you need to implement a reliable track & trace solution in challenging environments. Our labels are designed, constructed and tested to keep 2D-codes, barcodes and QR-codes intact and legible where other labels fail so you don't lose the ability to track & trace products, cables, components or raw materials.

Easy to use scanners

Brady offers a range of easy-to-use, high density scanners with superior imaging technology (Adaptus) that enable

  • fast and efficient scanning of any barcode, 2D-code or QR-code on a range of surfaces
  • optimal handling thanks to a light weight and small size
  • durable and reliable, stays intact in drop tests when falling from up to 1.8 m.
Barcode readers

Clearly legible

Brady labels can be printed with high contrast barcodes, 2D-codes and QR-codes that are easy to read for our scanners. Our researched and tested durable label materials can keep barcodes legible, even when exposed to UV, humidity, extreme heat or cold, chemicals or abrasion. For challenging industrial environments, Brady offers specific labelling solutions to maximise durability.

Complete control

In order to achieve full track & trace control, you can use Brady Workstation apps to quickly design labels, import data from ERP or LIMS-systems, add QR-codes, barcodes or other 2D-codes, serialise and hit print. When printed with the specialised inks of a Brady printer, our label materials can identify items throughout complete production cycles and in storage much more effectively and much longer than any non-specialised solution.

Practical kit

The practical Scan & Print kit includes all the components you need to duplicate labels, batch print existing labels with serialisation, or print entirely new labels just by scanning a barcode.

The Scan & Print kit includes:

Start using the full solution at a reduced price within days using the practical and complete kit from Brady.